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Annual Garden Club Awards


Judging for the annual Garden Club Awards occurs in late July.


Residences and businesses on Main Street from the intersection of Route 11 to Newport Road, and continuing down Newport Road to the New London Post Office.


  • Gardens that are welcoming, have curb appeal and that can be seen from the street, while displaying a flair for the challenges of horticulture.

  • A pleasing balance and connection between the house or business and the plantings of flowerbeds, trees, lawn, perennials, shrubs and hardscaping.

  • Emphasis on originality of design and decorative effect.

  • The appearance of the property's whole landscape as visible from the street (more than just plantings around a sign, building or entry).


  • First Impression: Curb appeal, visual impact, wow factor (10 points)

  • Overall Effect: Welcoming, balance/rhythm/flow (10 points)

  • Use of Space: Proportion, layout and balance, transition (15 points)

  • Focal Point/Scale: Visual appeal, placement/location (5 points)

  • Plant Material Variety:  Combinations, use and arrangement, color and texture (20 points)

  • Condition of Plant Material: Health/vigor, hardiness, maturity (15 points)

  • Maintenance: Pruning, cultivations, mulch, grooming (15 points)

  • Lawns: Maintenance/health (10 points)

  • Hardscaping: Functional and effective use of walkways, steps, patios, walls, edging (10 points)

The purpose of the New London Garden Club is to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening, to aid in the protection and perpetuation of desirable native plants and birds, to further civic beautification and improvement and to cooperate with others interested in these objectives.

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