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             Annual Garden Awards

Timing:  In 2021 judging for the annual New London Garden
                Awards will occur the second week in August.
Eligible properties:  Residential and business properties on Main                       Street from the intersection of Route 11 and continuing                       down Newport Road to the post office.
What will be judged:  The appearance of the property's whole                           landscape as visible from the street (more than just                               plantings around a sign, building or entry).
      Visual Appeal and Impact:  The first impression of the garden.                  Aspects would include:
         Color: A successful color scheme that is eye catching and                      harmonious.
         Leaf Texture and Plant Shape: visual impact and depth is                        often achieved by using varying heights and shapes of                          plants, and some contrasting leaf texture (i.e., conifers,                        broadleaf, spikes, feathery, ferns). 
         Unique features:   Some gardens may, but need not, include                    decorative objects such as art, benches, water features, and                  hanging features.
      Design:  Underlying elements guide the choice and placement of              plants.
           Balance:   Fluidity and symmetry are evident.
           Composition:  The plant layout and color choices complement              each other as well as the surrounding buildings and                              neighborhood.
           Creativity:  Moving away from the expected to new or                          unusual use of plant material and decorative objects.
     Plant Variety and Planet Health:
 Perennials:  A predominance of perennials over annuals is                      preferred.
           Conifers and evergreens can promise beauty throughout the 
              the year in New England.
           Classical garden style can be outstanding.  Garden style is                      individual and evolving.  We appreciate that some gardens                  serve other purposes:
                 Environmental Stewardship: Plants that attract pollinators,                       caterpillars and the use of wildflowers create gardens                           that welcome our wild friends.
                 Edible Interest: Incorporating some attractive vegetable                           and fruiting plants and trees can add interest and                                   function to a garden.
                 Seasonal Interest: We can only view the current stage of                          the growing season but there may be indication of a                              succession of blooms, Fall color or other elements that                        keep the garden interesting and beautiful at all times.

Appropriately weeded and deadheaded, except those plants                    that might be left when they provide food and habitat for                    wildlife.
           Mulched - freely mulched in bare areas; mulch may not be                      necessary or desired if garden is thickly planted.


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Members of the New London Garden Club come from New London, NH and the surrounding towns drawn together by shared interests and enthusiasm for gardening, plant material design, civic beautification and improvement, protection of the environment and native species, and community service. The Club offers nine exciting program meetings each year; the programs are as diverse as stonewall building, recycling technology, and home vegetable gardening.

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