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Welcome to the

New London Garden Club


    All those Tents! And Flowers! And Pies!


    Will be back on the Town Green


                 July 28, 2018

         Better than ever!!  Save the date!



       National Gardening Month 

        Check out the link:

Helping to Keep
New London, NH Beautiful!

Members of the New London Garden Club come from New London, NH and the surrounding towns drawn together by shared interests and enthusiasm for gardening, plant material design, civic beautification and improvement, protection of the environment and native species, and community service. The Club offers nine exciting program meetings each year; the programs are as diverse as stonewall building, recycling technology, and home vegetable gardening.

Visitors are welcome to all the open to public programs listed under the Club Calendar.


The Club is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax deductible within the limits of the law. 

For more information or how to become a member, please visit the Contacts page.

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