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The New London Garden Club is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Garden Club Awards.  Although there are many wonderful gardens in the community, the only gardens that can be considered for this annual award were those visible from New London's

Main Street.  To be considered, the garden should be well maintained, have visual appeal, which includes color and texture interest, and may include unique features such as hanging baskets, or architectural or decorative materials.  Garden design features considered were the choice and placement of plants, balance, composition and creativity.

A total of 12 garden awards were given the year.  Five were to private residents and seven were for commercial establishments.  The resident award winning gardens were at:

139 Main Street; 675 Main Street; 

668 Main Street; 623 Main Street; and 651 Main Street.

The commercial award winning gardens  were at:

Oliver Wight: Zero Celcius: Tracy Memorial Library;Barton Insurance; Scytheville Row; Woodcrest Village; and Snow Construction

The Club would like to recognize all gardeners throughout the New London community who devote their time, energy, and talents towards creating garden spaces filled with the wonders and beauty of flowers and plants.

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